Air and Maritime Shipping

We are strategically located in the vicinity of the airport and port of Miami, with more than 10,000 square feet available for handling your cargo, storage and packaging. Our logistics team coordinates the transfer of your cargo from the facilities of your suppliers to your final destination, following the instructions in a precise, safe and fast way given by our customers.

Air and

Maritime Shipping

We are registered in the United States of America as TSA (Transportation Security Administration) agents, a license granted that guarantees compliance with the procedures and US legislation for export purposes.

Air shipment

We specialize in the shipment of air cargo to any destination, regardless of its origin, we take care of everything that is importing or exporting in the air and handled with the greatest security.

Cargo in Transit

A driving force that ensures that your products are handled safely and with expedited shipping.


Maritime Shipping

From anywhere in the world, adapting their needs to provide the best dispocision of their cargo, maintaining consolidation and high-volume services.

We Store Your Safe Cargo

We offer the service of reception and storage of merchandise for its consolidation, labeling and packaging according to the needs of our clients.


and Customs

We offer shipping services and customs advice for the logistics of your shipments.


we send and receive

in the best time

We guarantee that your cargo arrives safely to its final destination. If you have any problems, simply follow our fast and easy claims process to recover the cost of your goods.

Online shopping


By registering on our platform you can already have a logistics for your purchases and shipments to your home or office with the con fi dence that precedes us.



We offer logistics service in international freight transportation for the shipment of materials and equipment from the industrial, petrochemical and oil sector, mainly from the Venezuelan market.

With the best service of handling and processing of:


  • Consolided Charge

  • Loose Load

  • Transit Load

  • Dangerous load