A1 International Cargo

Integral Solutions of International Logistics

We are an international logistics company specialized in the shipment of materials and equipment for the general and industrial sector, mainly in the Venezuelan market.

A1 INTERNATIONAL CARGO offers the cargo transport logistics service at an international level by air and sea, as well as the storage service, packaging, international cargo insurance, advice on imports, permitting procedures and customs clearance. For us the excellence of the service consists of reaching beyond the expectations of our clients, it is to provide solutions adapted to their needs.


Why choose us?

We are strategically located in the vicinity of the airport and port of Miami, with more than 10,000 square feet available for handling your cargo, storage and packaging. Our logistics team coordinates the transfer of your cargo from the facilities of your suppliers to your final destination, following the instructions in a precise, safe and fast way given by our clients.

We adapt to your needs


We perform the repacking of your cargo, which will guarantee the safety of your cargo in the shipping process and a considerable saving in freight.


We offer the service of reception and storage of merchandise for its consolidation, labeling and packaging according to the needs of our clients.


We guarantee that your cargo reaches its final destination in perfect condition. If you have any problems, simply follow our fast and easy claims procedure to recover the cost of your goods.